Versant™ English Assessment

Measure English speaking skills quickly, accurately and reliably

Use Versant™ to objectively measure English speaking skills.

  • Evaluate the ability to understand spoken English
  • Evaluate the ability to be understood when English is spoken
  • Enable consistent English language proficiency levels throughout your organisation
  • Evaluate English spoken language proficiency and objectively.

Versant™ enables you to assess levels of spoken English language skills necessary for a work role or job.

  • Use Versant™ to assess an individual’s spoken English language skills in 15 minutes or less.
  • Choose convenient, easy and secure administration by telephone.
  • Once you have authorised the testing process, the applicant simply makes a phone call and the testing begins. Results are automatically scored and available within minutes.

Versant™ saves time and improves the hiring process

When interviewing time is limited, use the fully automated Versant™ to screen any number of candidates and make sure you interview only those with sufficient spoken language skills. The tests are simple and intuitive for native speakers and for proficient non-native speakers of English. Items have been reviewed for fairness and bias-free usage.


How Versant™ test administration works

  1. The administrator provides the candidate with written instructions and a personal access number.
  2. The candidates can access the test 24 hours a day by phone from wherever they are being assessed.
  3. The administrator retrieves scores online within minutes.


The candidate achieves an overall score with sub-scores in the following areas:

  • Pronunciation.
  • Fluency. This reflects the rhythm, phrasing and timing evident in constructing, reading and repeating sentences.
  • Sentence Mastery. This reflects the ability to understand, recall and produce English phrases and clauses in complete sentences.
  • Vocabulary. This reflects the ability to understand common everyday words spoken in sentence context and to produce such words as needed.

Recommended cut-off scores have been carefully calculated but we can work with you to determine job specific bespoke cut-off scores if required.


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