Case Study: Altedia Consultants


A key player in human resources advice, Altedia helps companies and organisations in their transformation projects and assists men and women throughout their careers, as well as human resources departments with their talent management. Sylvie Leroy Medori, Head of Assessment Centre Department, Altedia Consultants provides insight into why they use SOSIE.



What are Altedia’s values and principles?

Internationalisation, digital revolution, disruptive innovation, workplace changes, new lines of business…In the face of change, our job is to provide human resources consulting, which begins with one strong belief: through their commitment, imagination and resilience, it is people who are intrinsic to a company’s capacity to reinvent itself. We help everyone we advise, both people and organisations, to bring out their talents. By facing challenges head on. By bringing opportunities to light. By building projects of the future. By forging new paths.

What challenges are you currently facing?

We prepare employees and companies for overcoming the different steps involved in reorganisation. To prepare an employee for a new step or assist them in a restructuring, you need to know how to inspire in them a blend of skills, energy and empowerment. All these elements come in to play when it comes to job opportunities, career changes, training, starting up or taking back on a venture, relocating, etc. With our focus being on the individual as the primary source of value and resilience, it inspires the way we assist companies. Far from mere copy and paste, we start with a precise customer requirement every single time, within the context of a defined strategy and a given company culture.

On an individual level, how do skills assessments address your challenges?

Skills assessments are a key step in building career plans and prove to be an invaluable tool at a given junctions in a person’s career. Someone who embarks on a skills assessment may have many expectations. For example, regaining skills they have lost confidence in when the working environment becomes unstable and stressful. Trying to answer the questions: What do I know how to do? How valuable am I to the market?


At a turning point in their life, taking the time to think about the best option for their job change and allowing themselves a moment of reflection to answer these questions:

  • What do I really want?
  • How do I regain dynamism in my career?
  • How can I map out my future career realistically, capitalising on the experience
    I have gained?
  • What should I specialise in: management or expertise?

The skills assessment meets so many objectives: an in-depth review of their skills, clearly identifying their wants and needs, identifying the most appropriate environment for their values and carefully picturing themselves in a job that caters well for the different elements, while still remaining realistic.

Why did you choose to include SOSIEin your skills assessments? What are the benefits?

Trying to answer the questions which a skills assessment raises often requires you to think about yourself. We use the SOSIE™ personality inventory, which allows you to assess both a person’s conduct and their motivations through the personality traits and values measured. SOSIE™ brings to light personal characteristics which impact behaviour. During the in-depth interview, SOSIE™ gives insight into how well they are coping in their job, their adaptability, personal balance and resilience to stress, teamwork, leadership, decision-making and autonomy, the environment most favourable to the person we are working with, etc.

In a time when performance is very much correlated with the agility of employees who must adapt quickly to organisational change, SOSIE™ is a reflection tool that enables us to assist our clients. It actually encourages analysis and discussion of a person’s strengths, but also recurrent negative scenarios which may be the source of some
of their difficulties.

Company Snapshot


  • Established: 1992
  • Share capital: €4,437,020
  • Workforce: 715 employees in France
  • Sector: Human Resource Consulting
  • Website:

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