Case Study: AXA Services


In 2016, AXA Services recruited over 700 new employees. Human Resources and Internal Communications Manager, Ilham Soufi, comments that the company uses SOSIE Skills to better adapt to its new recruitment plans and in particular, to detect applicants with sales profiles.


“Our mission is to help our individual customers live each stage of their life more calmly”, explains Ilham Soufi, “and help companies and professionals to work with a greater peace of mind. We provide a range of services to our customers on a daily basis”.

AXA Services works to maintain its position as a top employer in Rabat and the surrounding area, with an HR policy which is “attractive, equitable and encourages the development of performances and skills”.

“Within the company, we maintain a culture of trust which increasingly instills a sense of responsibility in employees, whatever their profession or position.” she continues, “From the moment recruitment begins, we look for the best profiles. We are known in the market for our demanding recruitment process. This is why we also offer a stimulating, respectful working environment that encourages diversity, has quality managers and a policy of development and professionalization. It also has attractive, performance-related remuneration and an engaging social policy.”


The company sets itself ambitious targets to continue to grow. “We recruit over 800 insurance advisors every year, across all areas (claim management, etc.). We seek profiles with not only an impeccable command of French, but with a real passion for customer service. Empathy, the ability to listen, analyse and synthesise and being customer orientated are also essential.”

“The essential decision-making tool”

This is why we chose SOSIE. “Since 2014, we have refined profiles suited to changes in our lines of business and we tend to favour applicants with sales profiles for several activities”, analyses Ilham Soufi. We have increasingly had to orientate our choices and base our decisions on reliable tools. Hence, we use the SOSIE test for insurance advisor positions. Similarly, we have reviewed the role of managers in our organisation and have updated our standards when it comes to recruitment of managers. As a tool to help us with decision-making, SOSIE gives personalised reports regarding managerial skills that meet our needs.”


From the SOSIE range, AXA Services has chosen to use the “Skills” reports and more specifically the “Managerial Role” and “Sales Role” reports. This choice was guided by the nature of the ongoing recruitment which the company undertakes, both internally and externally. “The reports enable us to not only obtain an assessment of the candidate’s skills, but to also help us prepare the interview guide that the recruiter or recruiting manager can use. Therefore, we can obtain a much broader view of a candidate. Initial feedback from our recruitment team has been positive.”

Pearson TalentLens was requested to develop a “Customer Relations”-specific skills report at the management meeting, as it met our need to cover all lines of business that AXA Services offers. “In the course of 2016, we used the standard sales report to focus in on certain skills related to other roles in the area of Customer Relationship Management”, concludes Ilham Soufi. The aim is to take one single test and to be able to decide whether the profile is more suited to a sales position (customer acquisition, loyalty, etc.) or a claim management position, for example.”

Company Snapshot

AXA Services

  • General Manager: Grégoire de La Taille
  • Sector: Insurance-related Customer Relations
  • Workforce: 2,300 employees.

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