Case Study: CIBC

Established in 1986, CIBCs (Centres Interinstitutionnels de Bilan de Compétences) have continuously evolved and their missions have changed. Thrown about as laws have changed, financed in one era, not financed in the next, placed under the control of the Ministry of Employment and then the Ministry of Education, CIBCs are now the only public structure of a commercial nature.

CIBC Corsica and CIBC 78 have gained an in-depth understanding of Golden Personality Profiler™ from regular use. They have also achieved very satisfactory results and very positive feedback from those who undergo the assessment.

Case Study: CIBC

Romain Medori, Work Psychologist and HR Consultant CIBC Corsica


Can you tell us a little about CIBC Corsica?
CIBC Corsica operates in the fields of consulting and assistance with career guidance and human resources, especially through the following missions: skills assessments and assistance with Experience Validation, testing and training in Human Resources, as well as Psycho-social Risk Assessment. In all of our services, our team focuses on ethical values, as well as the quest for reliability of methods, tools and techniques used.

What are your current key objectives in a sector that has undergone signifcant change?
First of all, adapting the services we offer with respect to the digital revolution that is affecting the training and career management consulting sector (collaborative platforms, MOOCs, e-learning). Moreover, in an ever-changing world where there is increasing uncertainty, our approach must incorporate the new challenges of career management.

How are you incorporating Golden® into what you do?
For us, the quality and reliability of the tools that we use is imperative. Golden Personality Profiler™ meets these requirements perfectly. We’ve been using it for over 10 years now to help facilitate both individual and group sessions. It is routinely incorporated into our skills assessment process.


What benefits have you gained and what feedback have you received from companies and people you have assisted?
For skills reports, Golden Personality Profiler™ is a tool that helps with decision making in the orientation process inasmuch as it encourages reflection and greater self-awareness and of one’s strengths and areas for improvement.

As far as group sessions are concerned, it fosters an environment to rebuild trust and team cohesion, and clarifies certain conflicts. Having used it for over 10 years, we have received some very satisfactory feedback from both the companies and people we have assisted.

Company Snapshot
CIBC Corsica

  • Sector: HR Consulting and Career Development Support
  • Founders and Managers: Romain Medori and Vanina Poggi
  • Website:

Case Study: CIBC 78


Anne Meeûs-pasin, Consultant, Psychologist And Certified Coach Anne Capitant, Careers Consultant, CIBC 78

Since the year it was established in 1992, CIBC 78 has focused all of its offered services with clearly defined objectives: encouraging the development of employees, job seekers and organisations. It focuses on employees, disabled workers, young people aged between 18 and 25 (including students), craftsmen, traders and self-employed professionals, job seekers, seniors, etc. CIBC 78 has a secondary purpose of also offering recruitment support.

Get to know your comfort and discomfort zones

“The skills assessment is a unique opportunity to grant autonomy to people to manage their career, outside a company”, explains Anne Meeûs-Pasin, a consultant, psychologist and certified coach. “After all, it is the only financed tool that allows someone to define themselves in their career, and management knows that they will be able to produce their own response to the employee’s questions in a setting outside the company.”

Keen to always offer the best service, the team has always provided ongoing training. “For about the last 5 years, we have trained 4 or 5 team members on Golden Personality
Profiler™ with this creative adaptation in mind”, explains Anne Meeûs-Pasin. “We chose Pearson TalentLens because of their long history in the field which, far from meaning they are an old-fashioned company, positions them well for the challenges of today”.

“For us, Golden Personality Profiler™ has been a very useful personality inventory”, continues Anne Capitant, a career guidance consultant in the structure, who uses the tool especially with management populations. “It is a tool which may be used to examine different points of view so that you are not forced to rely on your point of view alone vis-à-vis the person who underwent the test. It is a two-way exchange that produces factual elements and information, which rely on very specific things in personnel development processes, to help to better define one’s career path”.

Both believe that if people generally know each other well, Golden Personality Profiler™ broadens their knowledge of the way they operate, and it is interesting to consider other perspectives, especially in team coaching. One of the essential contributions is also to better know one’s own comfort and discomfort zones.

By becoming self-aware you also gain self-confidence

“By becoming self-aware, you also gain self confidence”, adds Anne Meeûs-Pasin, “I have a better understanding of who I am and who I am not. And nothing is fixed; you can drill down on the inventory results, which makes it a very rich tool”.

Company Snapshot

  • Established: 1992
  • Website:
  • Key Figures:
    • 10 employees
    • Acknowledged for comprehensive quality service and AFAQ, ISO 9001 and AFNOR certified

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