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Information for Test Takers

Making Adjustments to the TalentLens Test Platform

The Pearson TalentLens test platform is compatible with most major browsers. Many browsers allow individuals to make adjustments to the screen appearance, such as changing colours or increasing the size of fonts.  If you need to make such adjustments prior to taking any of our online tests, please visit the My Way section of the AbilityNet website. AbilityNet is a registered charity in England and Wales that specialises in technology services and advice for disabled people at work, home or in education.

Disclaimer: Pearson TalentLens is not responsible for any information or advice on the AbilityNet website and disclaims all liability for any issues that may arise.
For more information on what to do if you are about to take a test visit the Psychological Testing Centre.


Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal UK & Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA) Practice Tests

The published practice tests for these tests are available to holders of the British Psychological Society's Test User, Occupational: Ability (Level A) qualification. Candidates who are about to take either of these tests and require information on accessing practice tests should contact their test administrator or organisation to which they are applying.


Critical Thinking

Pearson TalentLens offers an online Critical Thinking questionnaire which is available to purchase through the Peter Honey e-shop in order to develop your critical thinking ability. The questionnaire contains development tips which will help you hone your critical thinking by focusing on the skills needed at each stage of the three-fold critical thinking strategy.

  • Clarifying your understanding of a subject
  • Analysing and interpreting the information you have gathered to ascertain the facts, claims and arguments, as well as to highlight assumptions, errors and inconsistencies.
  • Deciding what to do or believe by evaluating the evidence and judging its credibility

Practice your critical thinking skills

Candidates are able to practise their critical thinking skills via the iPhone Think-O-Meter App.  Here you can think through scenarios and test your ability to separate reliable facts from assumptions, focus on the relevant information, and think critically to get the right answer.

Candidates can also complete a practice critical thinking test and receive feedback based on their results. 

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For more information on possible ways to improve critical thinking visit the Open University's Skills for Study pages or download Tips on How to Improve Critical Thinking Skills.

For more information, research and studies about critical thinking visit the Critical Thinking Community.

For more general test taker information visit http://www.realisepotential.com/FAQTestTakers.html


Numerical Reasoning

Practise a real numerical reasoning test by taking part in TalentLens’ trial of their new Numerical Reasoning test. By completing the test you will receive personalised feedback on your results, along with tips and advice on how to improve your performance on future tests.

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