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Versant Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Test Administrators


Ordering tests

Getting and viewing scores

General test information



Ordering Tests

How do I place an order?

Please contact us at info@talentlens.co.uk or call 0207 010 2861.


Do you have practice tests?

If you would like your test takers to prepare for taking a Versant test, they can listen to a sample call on our website: www.versanttest.co.uk/samples. If you would like test takers to take a full Versant English Test in preparation to a test session, you can purchase a demo test. Please contact us at info@talentlens.co.uk for prices.



Getting and viewing scores

What is ScoreKeeper?

ScoreKeeper is a web-based tool used by test administrators to manage test batches, download test materials, and view test scores.


What if I do not want my candidates/employees to see their scores?

In ScoreKeeper, scores can be locked so they can only be viewed by the test administrator. To lock test scores, log into your ScoreKeeper account and click on "List Batches." Locate the batch of tests and select the box "Locked" in the Score Access column of the page.


When is a test considered 'used'?

A test is considered used after the test taker says his/her name. If a test taker attempts to take the test again, they will receive an error message and will be unable to take the test.


How do I download test papers and instructions in ScoreKeeper?

After a batch has been created, you can download the test papers and instructions at any time. (Note: You can download the batches multiple times, but each individual test can only be taken once and then the Test Identification Number will be disabled.) To download test materials for batches that have been previously created, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "List Batches."
  2. Click on "Test Materials" located under the batch you wish to download. This will take you to a page where you can download administrative materials including test papers, test instructions, and scores. Click on "Test Papers."
  3. Select the location from which the calls will originate. This will determine the phone number format printed on the test paper. Check the "Print telephone numbers" box to have the phone number printed on the test papers. Click on "Submit."
  4. If you would like each test in the batch to be saved as a separate PDF file, then click the box that says "Print one test paper per PDF file." If you do not check this box, then every test in the batch will be in one large PDF file. (Note: this option will not appear if your batch has only one test.)
  5. Select a language for the test instructions.
  6. A "File Download" box will appear. Hit the "Save" button and pick a location where you will save the batch. You can open the file using Adobe Acrobat.


How do I view test scores in ScoreKeeper?

Through ScoreKeeper, you can view and download scores for all completed tests from any batch you have created by following these steps:

  1. Click on "List Batches."
  2. Click on "View Scores" located under Used Tests for the batch you wish view. This will take you to a page where you can view the scores and status all tests in the batch by Test Identification Number, and listen to open questions (if applicable to the test ordered). On this page, you can also click on the link to download the table information into an Excel spreadsheet for administrative purposes.



General Test Information

What is Ordinate Technology?

The patented Ordinate technology is based on years of research in speech recognition, statistical modelling, linguistics, and testing theory. The technology, which powers the Versant testing system, uses a speech recognition system that is specifically designed to analyse speech components from native and non-native speakers of English. In addition to recognising words, the system also locates and evaluates relevant segments, syllables, and phrases in speech. The Versant testing system then uses statistical modelling techniques to assess the spoken performance.


Do you have correlation information between a Versant test and competing tests?

Please contact us at info@talentlens.co.uk  for more information.


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