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SOSIE Indepth

Measure personality traits and values in one questionnaire

SOSIE is used extensively in both recruitment and development. From a recruitment context, ability tests provide vital information about whether the candidate possesses the required skills to do the job - they do not enable employers to see whether the candidate possesses characteristics pertinent to fitting in to the organisation / team.

When used in combination, ability and personality tests provide the bigger picture - it is relatively easy to recruit a good candidate for a role but how do you recruit the best?



When recruiters make a decision regarding a candidate's suitability for a role, one question appears a key one: Does the candidate have the ability and the potential to meet the performance requirements of the job?

This question is about the candidate’s knowledge, skills and his competencies. There are several techniques and tests, such as Watson Glaser, Athena and Raven's which help recruiters answer that question. 



More recently, due to a number of reasons - the cost of a recruitment failure (circa £40k minimum), the need to recruit the best talent and the ensuing battle to retain it, another question becomes key as well:

Will the candidate consistently perform to the best of their ability? 

This is about the candidates motivation for the role and their compatibility with the culture of the company.  

A discrepancy between a person's values ​​and the goals of an organisation may cause a decrease in job satisfaction, disengagement, and desire to change jobs or company. 


SOSIE helps recruiters / L&D professionals to:

  • Determine candidate behaviour and commitment. 
  • Distinguish between closely matched people - two people with the same personality traits may act differently according to their value systems. This can offer insight in to their likely “fit” to a job role or organisational culture
  • Identify a person’s values system to reliably predict their motivations, behaviour and adaptation to a role and/or organisational culture.
  • Assess whether a person’s personality and values are a good fit with a role. It also helps individuals understand themselves better and appreciate how their traits and values may differ from others.