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Pearson: Supporting ITT Assessors


Welcome to Pearson's teacher training assessment page

Here you will find how Pearson's non-cognitive assessment (NCA), SOSIE, is being used by a number of ITT providers to support the applicant assessment process.

TalentLens, the psychometric test publishing arm of Pearson has been sign-posted by The Teaching Agency (TTA) as a suitable supplier of a non-cognitive assessment which met or exceeded a set number of TTA criteria.

What does Pearson's NCA measure?

There is a depth of research indicating that an individual’s behaviour, personality style and values are linked to a number of competencies required in teachers. In-depth research findings and reference to the current Teachers’ Standards against which qualified teachers are assessed, resulted in the identification of the SEVEN key competencies (see image, above right) in teachers which can be linked to personality and values (which SOSIE measures). The competencies and the level of fit are contained in the Pearson bespoke competency report which is generated when a test-taker completes the questionnaire.

Reasons to use Pearson

  • The SOSIE questionnaire has already been used by a number of ITT providers to generate reports for thousands of applicants and support the assessors. These include Roehampton, Sussex University, Gateshead SCITT and 2 schools consortium
  • Extensive research has resulted in the development of a number of norm reference groups against which you can more accurately benchmark applicants.  These include:

    -All Applicants to ITT
    -Applicants to PGCE Secondary

    -Applicants to PGCE Primary

    -Applicants to BA Teaching Ed

    -Applicants to School Direct

    -2012/2013 ITT students

    -UK general population
  • The SOSIE questionnaire contains only 80 questions, is easy to administer and the reports are easily accessible
  • SOSIE was developed over 20 years ago and has been consistently refined since them
  • Pearson is already a credible provider of content, curricula and qualifications, such as GCSE, A level, BTEC and BSc and other assessments supporting teaching professionals, educational psychologists, SENCOs and students.
  • Established in 1921, TalentLens has a global reach and a rich history of delivering psychological assessments.

Ongoing Research & Development

  • We are finalising a research project between Pearson and two major ITT providers to look at the relationship of the SOSIE scales (measuring personality traits and values) to the performance ratings and exam grades of the intake of 2012/13 students on a PGCE course.
  • Download this report showing the differences between the ITT Applicants norm group and the UK General Population norm group.

Contact us

If you want to try SOSIE, find out how it might aid in your assessment process or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Email Alie Carvey at alie.carvey@pearson.com, or call her on 07753 715734 or 01279 623642


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