Critical Thinking: Online Training and Assessment

What is Critical Thinking?
At its core, Critical Thinking involves “questioning assumptions, objectively evaluating information and arguments and making logical and rational decisions”.

Why would I want to develop my Critical Thinking at this time?

Critical thinking is highly valued in the workplace as one of the key transferable employability skills.  They are also becoming increasingly important in our personal lives. Whilst sound decision-making has always been important, an explosion in the volume and speed at which we receive news (much of which is fake) has led to us facing a complex flow of information. Objectively evaluating this mass of information is becoming increasingly difficult.

What Does the Training entail?

The training is accessed online and covers the following topics.

  • Importance of critical thinking in everyday life
  • Critical thinking – definition
  • The key building blocks of critical thinking
  • Recognising assumptions
  • Evaluating arguments
  • Fake News
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Pearson’s 5 step model

At the end of the training you will be offered the chance to measure your own critical thinking ability levels using the Watson Glaser test of critical thinking ability. The results will be presented in a confidential personal development report offering customised development tips and suggestions, based on the individual’s subscale score ranges in the RED model subscales.

How do I access the training? 

  • A recording of the training – that you can stop and start and access at your leisure.

How long will the training take? 

This depends on how long you spend on the exercises but most people will complete the initial training in 30 minutes.

Developing your critical thinking however is a life-long journey. The most important step for developing critical thinking skills is to become a critic of your own thoughts and actions. Transferring critical thinking from theory into practice is hard, but developing cognitive flexibility and letting go of old habits, assumptions or ingrained beliefs is especially important for improving critical thinking. It requires motivation, will-power and practice. This training and the Development report offer a good start to your journey

How can I register? 

Register here for the training

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