SOSIE Qualification Training

A qualification allowing you to purchase, administer and interpret the SOSIE, Pearson TalentLens' traits and values instrument, used in staff recruitment and development.

Summary of course:

A qualification allowing you to purchase, administer and interpret the SOSIE, Pearson’s new indepth trait instrument.

Who should attend:

Relevant to anyone wishing to use an instrument which measures both personality traits and values in one questionnaire.

  • HR Managers and Business Partners
  • Recruiters
  • Occupational Psychologists
  • Training Managers
  • Team Leaders

SOSIE is used in recruitment, coaching, career development and individual, team and leadership development contexts. SOSIE is Pearson’s global Trait and Values instrument.

Benefits of attending:

  • Enables you to purchase, administer and interpret Pearson TalentLens’ Traits and Values tool, SOSIE.
  • Reduces the cost of hiring external consultants, assessors and recruiters who are often used to carry out test administration.
  • Free test platform access.


£680 + VAT (includes course material)

Pre-course work:

Pre-course work involves completion of the SOSIE questionnaire, plus reading. Pre-course work should not take longer than two hours.

What you will learn:

Day 1

  • Overview of SOSIE
  • Personality & Value Scales
  • Reliability and Validity of SOSIE
  • Introduction to interpretation and feedback of the tool
  • Prepare for Day 2’s practical session: Feedback of a course delegate’s personality profile

Day 2

  • Practical Feedback sessions
  • Administering SOSIE
  • Ethical Use of the tool
  • Practical Applications of SOSIE: Recruitment & Development
  • Administer & feedback SOSIE to 2 people and write feedback report

Post course requirements:

Delegates are expected to administer the SOSIE to two different people, provide feedback and submit two written reports.

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