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Training Help

Training Help and Advice

Browse our list of FAQs for further information about training from TalentLens. Please email talentlens.training@pearson.com or call 0845 630 8888 (calls cost 3p per minute plus your phone company's access charge) if you can't find an answer to your question.


Where is the training held?

Public training is held at our head office at 80 Strand in Central London or at our Manchester office - see office locations. We also offer in-house training.


How do I book?

You can book by phone (0845 630 8888 - calls cost 3p per minute plus your phone company's access charge), email (talentlens.training@pearson.com) or using the online form on the page of the course you're interested in - see a full list of training options on the training homepage.


What training do I need?

BPS verified Test User: Ability

This course is intended for those who plan to use ability tests (e.g. Watson-Glaser or verbal or numerical reasoning tests) that are widely used in recruitment and sometimes development interventions. Attainment of this qualification ensures understanding of the ethical use of tests, when their use is applicable and allows qualified users to buy, administer and interpret the results of many ability tests published by TalentLens and a number of other psychometric test publishers.

BPS verified Test User: Personality

This course covers the theory and construct of personality questionnaires when and how they are used and how to administer, interpret and feedback results from the SOSIE questionnaire which measures personality traits and values. Those who attain the Test User: Personality qualification can often attend other conversion courses run by publishers of other trait based personality instrument. Conversion courses are generally both shorter and cheaper than the full qualification courses.

SOSIE or Golden Qualification training

SOSIE or Golden Qualification training.  These 2 day course are for any practitioners who do not want the BPS accredited qualifications but nevertheless wish to learn how to become proficient in using the instrument and giving feedback.  Training is offered in either SOSIE – a measurement of traits and values that is used in both recruitment and development or Golden Personality Type Profiler which is Type based instrument widely used coaching and development interventions

Conversion training

If you already hold a BPS accredited Test User: Personality qualification in a trait personality instrument you can attend the one day SOSIE conversion. If you are trained in a Jungian Type instrument you can attend the Golden conversion training.


What if I need to change/cancel my course?

Transfer policy

Once a course has been booked, if you wish to transfer from one date to another the following transfer fees are payable:

Transfer Request received by TalentLens Fee payable
Fewer than seven days before the programme starts 50% of the fee is payable
Between seven and 28 days before the programme starts 25% of the fee is payable

All requests for transfer must be made in writing.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your booking you must let us know in writing. TalentLens reserves the right to charge for cancellation and for loss of fees. The following charges apply:

Cancellation received by TalentLens Fee payable
Fewer than seven days before the course starts, or if the participant fails to attend Full fee payable
Between seven and 28 days before the course starts 50% of the fee payable
More than 28 days before the course starts
No fee payable, except a charge for any pre-course materials already dispatched and not returned to us



Substitutions can be accepted without charge at any time, provided that the substitute fulfils the entrance requirement and has completed any pre-course study.

The cancellation/transfer/substitution policies are covered in our terms and conditions - see points 4, 5 and 6.


How do I register with the British Psychological Society?

On successful completion of the course you will be sent a form completed by TalentLens that you can send to the British Psychological Society if you want to be entered on their Register of Qualified Test Users. Entry on the register has a number of benefits including regular updates on testing and assessment through the journal Assessment and Development Matters and free access to all online test reviews. In order to ensure that people going on to the Register of Qualified Test Users are currently competent, the Society requires that you register with them within one year from the date that you complete the course. A fee is payable for entry on the register (in addition to the course fees).


Do I have to register with the British Psychological Society?

Registering with the British Psychological Society is optional, though we do encourage delegates to do this as through the Society you will have access to the test reviews and other information that will support your ongoing development as a professional test user.