Whitepaper - Harnessing The Power of Numerical Reasoning

In a rapidly changing world, replete with an explosion of technology and an
emphasis on data-driven organisations, numeracy and mathematical skills have
become important for a wider range of jobs than ever.

Mary Ann Hanson, PhD & Kama D. Dodge

For decades, educators have made a strong argument that math is important, and the most recent focus on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce has re-energized interest in mathematics education.The findings in this study show numerical reasoning will be increasingly important for jobs of the future.

Numerical Reasoning is expected to predict success in jobs and occupations in which math is important (and those aspects of jobs that require math), and research using NDIT has confirmed this expectation.

As the use of data becomes increasingly important in the future, the importance of Numerical Reasoning ability will likely expand to more and more jobs. In a world that abounds with “big data” and dashboards, it is likely Numerical Reasoning will become increasingly important. Data without interpretation is just numbers.