Improving and Developing Critical Thinking

Insight and practical tips how to develop & improve critical thinking skills. "The most important step for developing critical thinking (CT) skills is to become a critic of your own thoughts and actions."

Wyn Davies, Global Product Strategist, Pearson TalentLens, Matt Stevens, Head of Pearson TalentLens, UK & Emma-Sue Prince, Author, 7 Skills for the Future

This paper contains key insights and practical skills for developing individual and employees critical thinking ability. Covering:

  • CT in today’s world & its growing importance
  • Definition
  • Developing Critical thinking
  • The RED Model
  • Exercises on assumptions
  • Case study
  • Exercises on Evaluating Arguments
  • Inferences
  • Issues
  • Reasons
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Challenges to developing CT
  • Measuring Critical thinking
  • Fake News and ways to spot it.